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Pep Talk Tuesday {Picking A Wedding Venue Part III}April 3, 2012

Happy Tuesday, loves! It’s finally time for the third and final installment of Picking A Wedding Venue, a hopefully helpful series to guide couples into picking the perfect wedding location (you can find Part I and Part II over here and here). Wedding venue shopping is enough to make anyone wanna eat a whole dozen cupcakes so remember to hold yourself accountable to do extra venue research on anything and everything just to be safe. Covering your bases and asking even the seemingly silliest questions will guarantee everyone can celebrate in a comfortable, fun and memorable environment on your wedding day.

{Think a little outside the box with your venue search} I like to think that these days anything and everything goes when it comes to planning a personalized celebration. Slowly but surely nontraditional spaces like museums, libraries, cottages, breweries, castles, warehouses and even tree houses are becoming commonplace venues for weddings to take place at. Maybe the whole country club thing isn’t quite what you had in mind. But a phone call to the nostalgic old school house where you and your honey met or a visit to a local airport hanger may lead to a deal that will land you the venue of your dreams.

{How exclusive are the events hosted by your venue?} Translation: will your event be the only wedding that day? Or will you be bumping into other brides freshening up in the washroom pre-ceremony? It’s pretty common for an event space to cater to not only other weddings on your big day but to bridal showers, business meetings, family reunions, luncheons, book sales and and even blood drives. Some brides may not want to share their day with others. And some venues with multiple openings on one day for events, may have tight set up time restrictions leaving your vendors extremely crunched for set up time.

{Be sure to read the fine print!} Hidden costs, cancellation policies, a rain backup plan, payment plans, methods of payment, pet policies, sound system requirements and availability, noise restrictions, overtime charges, pick up times, parking reimbursements, coat check options; there’s truly an unlimited amount of important points pertinent to your venue that often don’t get brought up during venue visits or last minute big day prep. Remember it’s always best to be over-prepared and overly cautious of your venue’s policies than to be scrambling around on the big day because something simple was overlooked.

The above photo is from Lindsey and Ryan’s wedding last May at Kent Country Club here in grand Rapids. Lindsey was extremely adamant and excited to get that classic shot of her walking down those stairs in her gorgeous gown. In you’re envisioning a specific shot based around a particular area at your venue make sure to ask if entry is allowed. For example, guests weren’t allow upstairs during the Nicholson’s wedding but graciously allowed Linds and Julie access for this shot.

What would you say is the single most important piece of advice you’d have to give relating to wedding venues? xoxo



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