I have a younger brother. Growing up we were never that close. There’s an odd age gap between the two of us (seven years to be exact) so it always seemed we were going through different milestones in our lives at completely different times. When I was in highschool he was enjoying the carefree days of grade school. When I was off on my own at college he was just getting into the joys of highschool. My wedding day was probably a lame way to spend a Friday night in his world. It hasn’t been until very recently that we’ve took it upon ourselves to talk; you know just to talk or hang out and be more like friends than siblings. My parents always told us growing up when we’d get in the most awful of fights over the most silly of things, that one day it would just be us two. And we better learn to like one another. Josh, I like you. Wait, I love you. I do. Always have.

My brother was a cute kid, and still is a kid to me because he’ll always be my younger brother. Now as a 19 year old he rides BMX, a passion he’s had since he first sat on a bicycle. Our Dad has video after video of us growing up and there’s one in particular of my brother, long blonde ringlets blowing in the wind, as he zooms by on his bike sans training wheels. “See how I do it?” he excidetly says to my Dad as he quickly looks into the lens, and proudly zooms away peddling as fast as his little legs can carry him. And today I miss my brother. Because today when I took a little break and had my lunch of Cheese Its at 3:20, I thought of him and then thought to myself, “I’m doin’ it, too”. See how I do it? It’s a whirlwind over here, but I’m doin’ it. And I’m totally doing what I said I’d never do; put an Instagram pic in a post. Essentially, I’m double doin’ it, huh :)

I’m off again early Friday morning for another Traverse City wedding. Copious amounts of ribbon, a Claire Pettibone dress, and more than 800 roses are going into this celebration. And as always I’ll be sharing sneak peaks on Instagram if you’re looking to follow along. It’s going to be one gorgeous affair; I can’t wait. Catch you all on the flip side, bloggies xoxo