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Confessions of a RebrandOctober 10, 2012

This entire week has felt like Christmas just waiting to reveal this to you guys! Oh em gee, I present to you; my new logo!

The gorgeous hand lettering was done by Molly Jacques who actually lives here in the same city as I do. It was important for me to not only use Molly’s talent as a part of my new brand because she fits my aesthetic so perfectly but I love that another Grand Rapids local was included in my rebranding process. She hand drew Bevy herself based on some photos I sent her and I love that that font there, is all mine! So often I come across blogs and even retail stores that have their names printed in my current logo font. I wanted the logo to above all else be whimsical and fun but still professional and strong. All words I’d use to describe my business. Molly nailed it and I’m in love. To see more of Molly’s work click here and here.

My collateral. Sigh. It’s so darn pretty. Emily and Lara from Making Brands Happen did such an incredible job putting together a strong collateral suite that still carried over the parts of my existing brand that I love, while giving my new look dimension and depth (like a set of new highlights in your locks :) Emily was always so eager to listen to my thoughts and bring out the best possible version of them, and combined with her creative talent just knocked my socks off. The business cards are letterpress (swoon), those little gold seals proudly display Bevy and those striped envelope liners have my inner Kate Spade fan doing cartwheels for days. Oh and those mint gift tags are just the sweetest with my new HGE monogram.

Cathy Olson is currently busy working on the new Hey Gorgeous website and blog. So far I’m absolutely loving the new look. It’s all the things you and I love about Hey Gorgeous combined with some awesome new features and a more refined, grown up vibe. Once I get home next week from Making Things Happen in Chicago I will officially have a little down time to focus on building the content of my site, getting some new headshots done and spilling the beans on some relaunch party plans. This is just all so exciting and I can’t wait to share more. In the meantime you can read more about my journey here.

Enjoy your day, bloggies! Feel free to follow along on instagram as I share more pics for Friday’s event xoxo



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