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FAQs: Gaining An Instagram AudienceOctober 29, 2012

Let me start by fully admitting to the following: j’adore Instagram. Not only do I enjoy updating my photos and following others but I really rely on Instagram to help build my brand. I’ve recently been asked by a few colleagues how to effectively use Instagram to benefit building a better business and I thought it would make for a fun blog post. My followers over on this incredibly popular iPhone application far exceed the number of people who like my business facebook page or who follow me on Twitter, and on some days even outweigh the amount of hits I get here on this blog. Realistically a big chunk of why I have a faithful audience is because Instagrams allows me an easy and fun way to represent my brand. Let me explain this a little.

When it comes to maintaining my instagram feed, I strive to stay consistent, appealing and most of all in line with my personal and buisness brand, and the things I love. For example, if you check out my photos on instagram chances are you’ll find common threads throughout my photos. Like shots of my Starbucks cups, my trips every weekend, the florals I’ve designed, the weddings I’ve styled, snippets of my home, photos of the cutest pup ever and of course sneaks of projects I’m working on. My photos are posted with a decent amount of time in between to keep people excited for the next upload, and I never instagram an image unless it was taken in the right light, from the right angle. If I don’t dig the shot chances you won’t either.

Staying consistent when you’re trying to gain an audience on any form of social media is key. For example, Stace from anastasiamika on IG always has the cleanest and loveliest lit photos that detail simple items from gorgeous strands of ribbon, to her fave cup of tea and sweet little knick knacks. Similarily her brand is all about simple but sweet touches and the most gorgeous handmade stationery and cards. If you follow Lara Casey either on Tumblr or through MTH, you’ll know she has a passion for God and of course her sweet daughter, Grace. Her instagram feed is appropriately filled with photos illustrating her life as a Mom, as well as daily blessings she in constantly staying thankful for. With a simple photo upload these ladies stay true to their brands and allow readers to come to expect a pattern of activity that they love and look forward to.

If you’re looking for a way to gain an audience, try to start out listing your top three inspirations or people you love to follow. List out all of the reasons you can think of on why you enjoy staying up to date on their daily happenings. Start to brand yourself in all you do and find something that makes you unique. Maybe you love fashion so every morning you can upload a photo of yourself in your outfit of the day. Try taking a photo of your outfit from a unique angle and upload the photo at the same time every day. Perhaps you’re trying to juggle being a business owner with being a better cook. Upload an artfuly arranged shot of your cooked up creations before dinner each night, explaining what you made and how tough or easy it may have been. Whatever it is you like or do, find a fun and unique way to share this with the world via your Instagram feed.

So tell me are you a fan of Instagram? Tell me below who some of your faves are to follow and why! And in the meantime I’m off to a property assessment for a 2013 private residence Labor Day wedding. It’s going to be a nautical themed fete infused with Kate Spade charm. You can bet I squealed a little when I heard those words! Happy Monday, bloggies xoxo



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