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Pep Talk Tuesday {Letting Go}October 23, 2012

My parents have a Barbara Krueger painting (not an original) hanging in their home. My mom had an artist recreate the painting for her and all I remember is how badly she wanted that thing. To her it symbolizes an important part of living a fulfilling life that of which is letting go. I’ve always struggled with letting go myself. To a fault. It’s hard for me to forgive and forget and as an overly sensitive person I have a hard time accepting constructive criticisms. Earlier this year I hit a low point where I was refusing to filter out negativity in my life and as a result my work, my personal life and my sense of being was affected. I was so down, so angry and hurt and frazzled by it all that I was literally held back from being happy. I felt so weak.

See, a lot of your personal happiness has to do with making a choice. You can make a choice to be happy or make a choice to not be. It’s that simple. Last week when I was leaving the MTH intensive, Lara told me something that I’ve known all along but I think hearing it out loud from someone else who knows my story really had a monumental effect on me: “Rhi, you’re doing amazing things but just imagine what you’ll be able to do when you let go of that little bit of negativity.” Whoah. Just like that. Bam, knock me on my butt, it really hit me. Letting go doesn’t need to be fancy or overdone or broadcasted to the world. It can be as easy as it sounds. And as easy as making a choice. To just let go. Try it. Sit down and try and let go. Just a little bit. Just with 10% of your being start to just even think of letting go. Instantly better right? Lighter, happier and better.

Funny enough, I have a typography poster I made sitting on my bed side table that reads ‘Let Go’. I instagrammed it on Sunday and many of my followers commented on how much they love that print. I’ve been waking up every day, seeing that print, but not truly taking in what it means to let go. Until last week. I made a choice. To let go and just be. I feel happy. I feel blessed. I feel like a better version of me, ready for whatever comes my way. I feel refreshed and hopeful. I feel like letting go is something we can all do to live a better life and just be a better version of ourselves. So tell me, what can you let go of today?

Last week I spent some time in Chicago at the Making Things Happen intensive and I took a few personal days off in the city with Leah, Shay and Kris. I am so grateful for my time away and for the memories and friendships I made in such a short amount of time. I hope to blog more about my trip soon but for now the above photo should suffice. P.S. I’m totally on my tippy toes. Photo by Shalyn Nelson Photography. She’s awesome. Go see her here. Happy Tuesday, my bloggies xoxo



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