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January 2013January 2, 2013

Happy 2013, blogettes! In case you missed it last week, I wrote a rather long post over here that wrapped up 2012 in all of its entirety. I think I got so wrapped up in you know, wrapping up the entire year into one post, that I totally forgot about listing out any specific visions or goals that I have in mind for 2013. I sat down with Andrew yesterday and together we had a lengthy but incredibly refreshing discussion about last year and what we did well and what we did not. We actually followed Lara’s amazing Goal Setting series which you can find here. We made some incredible notes together and individually, and I felt so excited to wake up this morning and tackle my day. Actually scratch that. I felt thrilled to face my life. That is a good thing, friends! When you’re excited about life I think you’re truly happy.

So moving forward I think I’d like to talk about the things I’m doing to better my life and simplify the process to reach goals. For example, if one of my goals is to get skinnier and be healthier then I need to probably get specific about how to make that happen. Deciding to hit the gym three times a week is most likely going to yield more success than a vague goal of ‘getting healthier.’ With that being said each month I’ll touch on three things I’d like to focus on doing for the entire month or even the entire year to help fulfill my goal of living a more purposeful and consistent lifestyle! They might not be uber specific here on the blog but at least I can share a little with you on what I’m hoping to tackle.

. . . . . . . . . .

Healthier Living. This means being proactive about things as simple as eating three balanced meals a day (Starbucks is not a meal replacement unfortunately for me), flossing my teeth before I go to bed (I hate flossing) and getting my booty to the gym a reasonable amount of times per week (meaning more than zero). I’m pretty good at working through meals, falling asleep with my make up on and making excuse on why the gym doesn’t fit into my schedule. But the truth is these things take up such a little amount of time and in the end save me things like cavities, having to by new clothes because my old ones are too snug, headaches from not eating, money from eating out too much, etc. There’s always a payoff when you make positive changes to healthy habits. I like that. And could get used to it.

Purposeful Living. This will make you laugh. When I go to the mailbox here and find there’s nothing of ‘value’ in there for me (i.e., a check, card, package or purchase) I leave it in there. Yup, I literally bundle up (at least these days I do because of the cold) walk out to the mailbox and leave crap in there because it’s not so called ‘fun.’ So today I hiked out there and was pissed to find a West Elm catalog, the same one I got last week sitting in my mailbox. And what did I do? Leave it in there! I came back inside empty handed and Andrew asked me what I left behind. Ha! He told me that this wasn’t a purposeful way to live and that leaving the catalogue in there had no purpose. Touche, babe. Touche. Next time I walk by an empty cup? Put it in the dishwasher. A stray piece of garbage? Throw it out. That’s purpose.

Consistent Living. Consistency is hard. This was one of Andrew’s areas of improvement as he noted himself. And truthfully I could go for a little consistency myself. It’s easy to meal plan for a few weeks, hit the gym on a regular basis for a few months and to remember to make the bed a couple days in a row but keeping good choices up so that they become habits is actually really hard. So while we try to meal plan and budget what we spent on food, cut out pop and use our gym membership, and make sure we clean up our messes as we go, we also want to make sure we are doing these things consistently so that come say the first of June, these actions have become first nature. That’s when you know your baby steps have become giant leaps. In the meantime I’ll head out to the mailbox to pick up that catalogue.


P.S. The photo above is from the incredible Leah Mullett who was on hand to document the details from my amazing relaunch party. She and I have become such great friends over the past year and I’m so thankful for her and her ability to listen whenever I call. Leah is actually the one who inspired me to start documenting my goals month by month, just last year when I realized she was doing it herself. So go make a new friend today and say Hi to Leah. You’ll love her!



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