I’m obsessed with my phone. My Mom jokes that I probably take it to the washroom with me.


Sad truth: I do.

Late last year, after reading and following Lara’s The Challenge, I decided to tackle a social media free weekend myself. I knew it would be hard and I secretly dreaded being without my phone for two point five whole days. While it’s rather embarrassing to feel so attached to something so trivial, the worst part is I failed miserably at my first attempt on going social media free. I was half of a day into my weekend and somehow found myself that Saturday afternoon refreshing my instragram feed and updating my facebook status while I silently tsk tsk-ed myself. It wasn’t until this year, that I realized I needed to make some serious changes and give social media free weekends another chance in my life. So rewind to last Friday night, when I left my phone in my office at 6:30 pm only to grab it to take the the gym with me (on airplane mode) and I can tell you I did it this time with success. And it was glorious. Here’s what happened:

I got my life back. When you put your phone down you reconnect with life. If you’re like me you probably check your phone when you wake up, when you’re in the car as a passenger with your significant other, when you’re waiting at a doctor’s office, when you’re out for dinner with a friend, when you at the grocery store in the check out line, when you’re holding a wall sit at the gym, when you’re on the couch after work, when you’re eating, when you’re blow drying your hair, when you’re in the bath, when you’re in bed falling asleep and sometimes when you’re in the washroom doing your thing. I’m so embarrassed I just wrote all of that out. Excuse me for a minute while I break up with my phone here.

Putting my phone down to do all of those things with my undivided attention resulted in more in depth conversations with my husband, more conversations where I felt good because I knew I was actually listening, more involvement at an MSU gymnastics competition because my eyes were on the athletes and not my phone, more time in the kitchen cooking and enjoying my food instead of enjoying my social media feeds, and more enjoyment and overall contentment with doing things I used to have no problem doing before I became dependant on my phone. Like sitting on the couch, snuggling in bed when the sun is rising in the morning, working out and knowing your huffing and puffing is from burning calories instead of trying to maneuver an elliptical machine with your instagram filters. You know what I mean, right?

I know once wedding season hits it’s going to be next to impossible to avoid my phone on the weekend but I plan on soaking this up for as long as I can because one of the biggest lessons I learned last year, is that life’s too short to focus on the things that absolutely do not matter. And you should do the same! Have any of your tried, and possibly even failed, at a social media free weekend? I am so here to hold you accountable if you want to try it :)

Photo of me and my phone by Kelly Braman Photography.