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A Little LessSeptember 16, 2013

There’s been a shift in my heart recently. A beautifully wonderful shift and it feels like I may explode if I don’t write about it here. This year has been a balancing act of sorts. Actually scratch that. My entire life has been a balancing act. From literal balance as a gymnast to figurative balance as a friend, business owner, wife, sister, and woman, it feels like I’ve spent the past 27 years of my life trying to balance it all in one flawlessly executed performance. And I still haven’t figured it out. I’m not sure anyone ever has to be truthful. To achieve balance you’re often saying yes to one thing which means you’re saying no to another. There’s a reason the phrase ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too,’ was coined. When you’re like me and you hate to miss out on opportunities it can be hard to wrap your head around that. I want to say yes to it all. But I can’t. Now more than ever I can’t. The best part though, is I’m ok with that (and incredibly incredibly grateful for this life I’ve been given. I need to make that crystal clear above all else.)

Lately, I want to just say no. Not to opportunities and new things but to busy. I want to punch busy in the throat and tell it to go back where it came from. Busy has taken away time from my devotional and my God every morning. It’s taken time away from the nourishment of my relationships with others, like my friends and my husband and my family. Busy has stolen moments and memories right in front of my own eyes. I want a little less of busy. A little less hustle. I want more time to cook meals at home. I want time to wash my hair, blow dry it and add a little curl in the morning. I want time to slow dance in the living room without guilt because an email has gone unanswered. I want time to sip tea on my front porch with no worry of what that time could be used for work-wise. I don’t even like tea yet I have cravings to sit on my porch and drink it! I want ten cups of tea before I say yes again to busy. Who’s with me here?

I was running on empty up until last week. And I started this post, then stopped and shut down WordPress to live life a little. Blogging could wait. I mean it’s waiting all summer thanks to ‘busy.’ Instead, Andrew and I went out for dinner; three times in one week. That’s a lot. It’s actually more time together than we’ve spent in the last seven weeks. Then I stumbled across this post from the sweet Gina Zeidler and finally read the exact words I needed to read all summer. I needed a refill. In fact, I’ll need a refill again and again in the future. We all do. We all WILL. In our hearts and minds. Let’s try to remind each other of this. A little less of running on empty and more time spent refilling our numerous cups.

I cannot wait for the rest of 2013. Busy is going to a little lonely all by itself don’t you think?


This summer was full of so many amazing events and floral projects; I have so many new goals and business endeavors based around florals for the future and can’t wait to tell you more soon! That beautiful senior above was photographed by the amazing Brad and Sam Vanderson of Bradley James Photography. They gifted their subject with one of my floral crowns and I think it worked perfectly with her bohemian-Anthropologie style. Happy Monday, blogettes xoxo



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