Do you ever dream so big your head – or heart – could burst? Or better yet, do you ever feel heavy with overwhelm?


I’ve been on the verge of bursting lately. And today I woke up feeling a bit tired, not physically, but mentally because the hopes and the dreams inside this head of mine feel too big some days. It’s not a bad thing per say but it’s a little bit overwhelming when you have a hard time turning the brain off and being ok with just being in the now. I read something the other day about our purpose in life and how our purpose is really to just be in the moment, living the now, doing what’s in front of us. In theory this is simple and doable if you break the now (whatever that is for you) down into tangible steps. Think about that for a second; it’s simple!) But here we are (and I generalize when I say ‘we’) rushing around, panicked, stressed, sad even, trying to get to the next best thing, trying to out do ourselves, and trying not to feel like a disaster when the next best thing or the next level really, falls short of our grasp and worse our expectations. Raise your hand if this cycle feels real. I’m over here with both hands high up in the air mind you.

I took this past weekend off. Three days off. No work. No emails. No phone calls. No ‘let me sneak upstairs for an hour of work!’ or ‘let’s swing by Hobby Lobby for a few work related items.’ This hasn’t happened since probably last year. That was a hard pillow to swallow when I was able to realize how badly I needed a break. That the gift of time for myself isn’t something I’m able to give to myself. Those three days were full of the things my heart needed. Plain and simple rest and relaxation doing this things I love most with the people I love most. I’m fairly certain that in 10 or 20 or even 50 years, I’ll love back on these things, these days of rest filled with joy, and feel like it was worth my time to indulge instead of scurrying to achieve anything beyond myself and my capabilities. So today:

Be easy on yourself. You’re doing the best you can. That’s all you can do.

Take five minutes. Really. Go take 5 minutes. And do something for you.

Write down two things that you’ve done well recently. Write them here.

And remember tomorrow will come; but today is full of potential for happiness.

Go seize the day, friends! Xoxo

P.S. Trouvaille tickets are on sale at the early bird rate for four more days! Eeeek!