This. This. This.


A week ago today, I had the privilege and absolute honor of attending the Making Things Happen intensive as a speaker for the third time. Two years ago this month I sat in a small conference room in a Chicago area hotel where I first did some serious soul searching into what I wanted my life to look and more importantly, feel like. In early 2012 I was urged by a friend to purchase my ticket to that fall’s event and I’m so glad she did. My world was rocked by the then single-day conference and since then throughout my three speaking roles at the now two-day workshop, I’ve continued to grow, learn, challenge myself and best of all, change. For the better.


I wrote a bit back in the spring about what Making Things Happen is all about. You can read that here.


But I want to talk a little about what I learned this time around because six months in between conferences can feel like a long time but it can also feel like the blink of an eye. And when I look back at the photos from the spring conference and see myself, I feel like I’m looking at a different person. It’s not that I like the person I was then any less but life has so beautifully evolved and I feel like I owe so much of that to the work that’s behind Making Things Happen. I feel like I need to shout it from the rooftops and share it with you here too.


Contentment sometimes requires a different perspective. At the spring Making Things Happen I was a very overwhelmed, emotional mess. I cried. A lot. I felt broken and fragile. I felt confused. Ashamed of the confusion. I felt tired and I had yet to officially start what would be the busiest year of my life yet. Lara was filming some video for her book launch and a bunch of us had volunteered to be interviewed with various conference-like prompts. I sat in front of the camera that day and like a faucet, hot tears rolled down cheeks. I needed love, clarity and a new perspective that day. And I got that last week. I DO have contentment in my life. I was just searching all the wrong places for it. This fact alone has rocked my world since I landed back in Michigan last week. It’s also inspired me to try the Contentment Challenge again (this time with Andrew by my side) after a successful two month go at it last summer. More on that in another post though.

Hard work is the secret sauce. It’s funny because as soon as I leave MTH to head back home, I always feel this odd mix of rockstar motivation and total exhaustion. Part of me feels extremely eager to jump in and literally make my ideal life happen; I’ve got lists to do! Things to accomplish! Timelines to stick to! People to meet! But there’s another part of me that wants to chuck my phone into the toilet, close up my business and move into a cabin in the woods. Ha! Part of Making Things Happen is finding your why, your core, your purpose. You may find out things about yourself that have been so buried within, you shock even yourself when they’re uncovered. You may leave feeling more confused than you came in. BUT an ever bigger part of MTH is doing the work. The daunting, ugly, non-instagram worthy work. ‘There’s no shortcuts to anyplace worth going.’ This applies to motherhood, travelling the world, starting a business, deciding to leave a toxic relationship, marriage, forgiveness, etc. One thing reaffirmed for me last week is that if all else fails, work hard. And pray.

Gratitude changes everything. This part brings tears to my eyes. Lara always says that gratitude changes everything. I use to just nod my head at this part because yup, gratitude is very important. I know this. Sure, I’m grateful. But it wasn’t until the afternoon of day two last week that it nearly knocked me off of my chair; gratitude has to be openly welcomed into your heart fully for it to really change you. You have to really and selflessly be completely grateful to experience true change. You have to surrender to gratitude for mountains to move. As I went back to my room Tuesday night after our amazing fireside chat led by the incredible K. Winchester (my sweet roomie!) and was trying to pinpoint my biggest takeaway from the event, I realized, ‘Whoa. I’m just so truly grateful for this life. The messy house at times, chaotic schedule, the marriage without kids, the potential to one day have a baby, the loving husband, the friendships I’ve worked hard to cultivate, the failures and mistakes, the lack of sunshine in the winter, the scary decisions I have to make so often with my business’; I mean I could go on and on. But regardless of the here and now, I felt abundantly grateful to just be in this season of life. With the good and bad. And that’s a really powerful feeling that ironically circles back up to my point about contentment. When you’re grateful, you’re content. Can I get an amen?


I am Rhiannon. And I am excited. About so much! If you too want to get excited and make an investment with bettering your life (remember this conference will give you so many tools to help you truly make what matters most happen, but it will not fix your problems; you have to do the hard work to get results!) then you can sign up for next spring’s workshop. The community that stands behind the Making Things Happen movement is so encouraging, special, and full of love. We would so love to have you and you can sign up here where you’ll also find a ton more detail about your investment, location, schedule and more.

Have a beautiful Monday, friends! Let me know below how I can encourage you today :) Xoxo

Photos by Emily March Payne and Glessner Photography, our amazing conference photographers!