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Pep Talk Tuesday {Failure Is An Option}November 4, 2014

Dear Beautiful Girl,

Failure is an option. It’s a must, actually. Before you learn to fly, you must first learn to walk, remembering to pick yourself back up every time you fall flat on your face. Willing to face each new step again with courage. Bouncing back from defeat is necessary not only in business, or in love, but in living a purposeful and intentional life. Bouncing back builds character. Bouncing back makes you want it more; whatever ‘it’ may be. To be talented, to be hard working, to be creative, funny or smart. More than often, none of these attributes matter as much as it matters to be resilient against getting knocked down and recovering from your own mistakes. Today, go be brave! Go fall down and get back up. Go make mistakes and do something wrong.

You’ll come out better on the other side.

Love, Rhi (who more than often learns the most from her own failures)


Photos by Bradley James Photography, my dear friends and colleagues xoxo



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