Happy Friday, guys!

If you’re just joining me today you can check out last Friday’s post where I talked a little bit about my goal to find contentment and joy in 2015. This is my big overarching goal for the next twelve months and one that hopefully with hard work, time and prayer, will become a subtle yet major lifestyle shift for me. In the past I’ve focused so intently on solely being content with where I’ve been (so, a place I can’t change) and being excited about the potential of further contentment upon arrival at any destination I’m headed to (which is honestly mostly an unknown.) The thing is though (and it’s way cliche), contentment is totally about the destination and how your heart and spirit is while you’re making the trip. Keeping that in mind you can see where I’ve been creating a bit of a problem for myself. While I feel tremendously blessed in various capacities and feel lucky to have so many things to celebrate at any given time, there’s been a lack of something over here and it was until the end of last year that I really felt a shift to do something about it. To work on fixing myself inside out.

So here we are. You and me. Hi! I had a really eye opening and encouraging talk with my dear friend Kathryn today. I called her feeling a little stuck on where to take things after a strong start out of the ambitious-blogging gates last week. I needed an honest sounding board about this quest of mine and how I could proactively share it best with my blog readers every week for the next 12 months. That’s a big task! And a big project to make ‘presentable’ every week. As a creative and a perfectionist, I feel inclined to only ever share stuff when there’s a solution to conflict. When I can summarize my feelings, cross off a to-do, reach a goal and wrap things up in a pretty little perfect bow, THAT’S when it feels easiest to write, share, and be honest with others. Right?

But the in between is where life happens! The in between is the part people rarely share. And it’s the part where I most lack contentment. We know where we are coming from and what we’ve been through. We have an idea of where we want to go and how we should get there. But the NOW. The IN BETWEEN. The in between is where I think contentment is found, or at least for me where I want to start seeking it more actively. It’s EASY to be content with where you’ve been because it’s the past and good or bad it’s a learning lesson. And it’s EASY to be content with an end result especially if you get your way. Contentment can translate to happiness if the results are what you anticipate, and if you don’t you circle back up to step one of learning a lesson of some sort and shooting again for the best possible outcome. But in the moments, days, months, and even years leading up to IT, when you’re not quite there but you’re doing your best, succeeding and failing along the way, where you’re able to find peace in the in between, that’s when you’ve found true contentment.

That’s what I’m after.

Each Friday I’ll be sharing a bit of my journey pertaining to the seven areas life as put so wonderfully by Dave Ramsey in The Legacy Journey; family, career, spiritual, physical, social, financial, and intellectual. I’ll share short snippets on things that are working and things that are not working as I attempt to not only find contentment throughout the next 12 months but also reach my short term and long terms goals I so heartfully, prayerfully and purposefully set for myself on January 1st. Instead of one massive blog post with a laundry list of lofty goals to have hanging over my head (that you’d probably just skim over anyway), I’ll sprinkle them throughout my posts and while I’m doing my best to make it happen, I’ll be sharing honest accounts of my success and failures.

I just wanted to lay a little ground work down for this series so I can make sense of it all and so I can hold myself accountable in the process too. Catch you all next week with my first instalment of #theyearofcontent :)

Happy Weekend!