The Year of Content Week 6February 13, 2015

Happy Friday, friends! If you’re just joining us in this series you can go here first and here second.


In my quest to find contentment in 2015 with my work I actually had a bit of a self discovery and it’s that guys, I really love my work. I enjoy working! I feel like I inherited this love of working from my sweet Dad who is also an entrepreneur and works so hard, usually for long periods of time than most. For me getting through my work day, finding ways to make my business stronger, discovering resources to help me grow, believing in what I have to offer to others, well I’ve never truly struggled with these things or found them to be tedious (in most cases!) because this business really lights me up. I work hard and feel like those efforts pay off. But. And here’s the big but. Like most creatives and entrepreneurs, my Achilles heel is I struggle with comparison and usually this is during the off season or times when I get weak and let distractions take me away from what I should be focusing on. I recently watched an encouraging video from my gal Marie Forleo and I encourage you to check it out over here too. Comparison is the ugly sister to Feeling Like There’s No Room In The World For Your Gifts. Am I right? Watch the above video if you need a pep talk heading into the weekend. Onto my debrief!

Week Six

What has not been working: So the career section of my life, really feels like it could break off into a hundred different branches and topics so I’ll focus on the comparison element mentioned above here. Having my phone near me anytime I’m not working in my office, is not useful for me. By default my hands reach for my phone and my fingers reach for my social media accounts (even if they are hidden on my phone and even if I have facebook opened in an explorer tab; not cool, Rhi). Any time I turn to social media to fill a void (to measure my success against others, to keep tabs on what’s happening in the industry, to pass time while I’m waiting in line) I usually end up feeling less than or realize I just wasted 20 minutes I could have used to do something more beneficial in the big picture (when I’m online I could support a friend and encourage them in a comment instead of scrolling through my feed, I could keep tabs on my family instead of my competition, I could read an inspiring article instead of reading facebook posts). You get the gist. Social media for ME personally, has to operate in very specific, controlled and intentional circumstances or it just doesn’t work.

What has been working: At the beginning of the year, I made it a goal of mine to only go on social media three times a week. Whaaa? I know, seems like a lofty goal. And while I’ve failed some weeks there’s been more weeks where I’ve stuck to this goal and found other ways to use my time off of social media. This is liberating for me! Again for me. This system doesn’t work for everyone and for some, social media is a huge part of their daily routine, business and life. But for me, this has worked and allowed me to find contentment and happiness within my own life. I also frequently take social media vacations (which encouraged the #stopthescroll movement) which have been some of the best moments of the past year for me.

Short term goal: Continue to use my social media accounts on days where I have something to share or someone to support and encourage. My social media should 85% of the time be used for business purposes much like I use my office supplies, business resources, etc. The other 15% should be used for personal purposes and beyond that I can pick up the phone or a pen to stay in touch with others. I believe trying my best to have self control and stick to my guidelines of three days a week will help me do just that.

Long term goal: To see social media as an extension to and important part of my business not an extension or definition of who Rhiannon is. Put your name is that sentence instead of mine and read it to yourself. That was really impactful for me.

Feel free to leave your experiences below and to share them with the hashtag #theyearofcontent.

Happy Weekend friends xoxo



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