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Pep Talk Tuesday {Make Room for the Good Stuff}May 12, 2015


Hi friend!

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling busy, tired, overwhelmed, bogged down or spent today? Phew. I get it. Take a big breath. Give yourself a minute of silence. I’ll wait here while you do that.

Welcome back. Please know I’m here walking beside you in the busy. I think a big part of our societal obsession with busyness exists out of our innate desire to be approved of and well liked by others. But I also think it’s much, much deeper than that. I believe we live in a competitive world, a world where the bar knows no limits, where often it feels like a rat race trying to keep up not just with everyone else around you but some days, even with yourself. I’ve been guilty of the rush, the busy, the spread-too-thin, the not-today-but-maybe-one-day. I’ve been exhausted and robbed of joy because sometimes my focus in on all the wrong things and in all the places my heart and mind should never dare go. But there’s been a shift in the universe lately. Thank goodness.

This year has marked a personal journey to find joy and contentment. It’s been five months thus far of ups and downs but mostly a lot of ups. My thought process in this journey has been much like what I would assume training for a marathon is like. Just a little bit of work each day towards my end goal, is adding up to a lot of progress. One of the biggest takeaways has been making room for the good stuff. Margin. White space. Free time. Being bored. Can you remember the last time you felt bored? I can. It was awkward and left me panic stricken. I think I’ve become accustomed to going a mile a minute every hour of the day. No thank you.

Making room for the good stuff has allowed me to heartfully hone in on my craft and the thing that brings me the most joy; creating with florals. There’s been more ‘just because’ design days in the studio this year than ever. I’ve been able to work (with much willpower might I add) according to my office hours and save time outside those parameters for family, friends, travel and well, time to just get bored as mentioned above. I’m still getting used to that. I’ve been able to pour love and attention into each of my clients to ensure their special days are as perfect as can be. Life isn’t perfect – and it never will be – but it’s a life full of joy and contentment.

I also wanted to add in here (because I’ve been MIA lately!) I’ll be taking on a limited number of summer and fall weddings next year and have room for two more events in my calendar. I would so love to meet and cater to some new couples who share an approach to celebrating, marriage and the good stuff like my team and I do.

Photo above by Bradley James Photography of a Hey Gorgeous Events floral creation dreamt up on a recent free time, design day. I sure do love a blush and butter color palette, don’t you? Happy Tuesday, my friends.

You’re so worth it today. Xoxo



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