The Year of Content

The Year of Content Catch Up & Week 26July 12, 2015


Happy weekend, friends! If you’re just joining us in this series you can go here first and here second.

I’ve been long over due for a Year of Content post for close to ten weeks now and it feels so good to be back you guys! A lot has happened since my last post at the end of April which includes having some beautiful summer weddings under our belts (more coming soon on those but there are peeks over on instagram!) and of course, the exciting news about our family expanding which you can read more about here. We’ve been in the midst of celebrating our news, working hard to serve our clients well, enjoying the beautiful summer weather and of course preparing to just think and wrap our heads around how different 2016 will look for our little family!

With that being said, today’s post topic is so fitting for the one area of my life I have had on my heart a lot since I became pregnant and that’s my work and this business! As I mentioned in our announcement post I have been intentionally running my business for the past few years in anticipation of becoming a mama. To be able to put some things into effect now that this dream has become a reality is pretty sweet and rewarding but also a little scary. So as always the fight for the joy and contentment is real. Onto my debrief!

Week Twenty Six

What has not been working: I have been over thinking absolutely everything during this pregnancy. I touched on this a little last week over here but I feel like the first 14 weeks of being pregnant were such an uncertain blur because I was so focused on the what ifs and the potential disasters. Instead of celebrating the small victories and present moments I was just (and am) an anxious wreck. This in turn made my work and productivity suffer because when you worry it’s hard to get much done let alone to think clearly. Worrying gets you no where and I’ve learned this ten fold as I continue to grow this little babe while continuing to cultivate my business.

What has been working: I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming on what my schedule will look like next year. It’s been so exciting to put more of myself and my family before saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way. The gals behind the Making Things Happen intensive are always such an encouragement to me when it comes to making the best choices with my time and my business. And since almost all of them are moms themselves, it’s been so wonderful to take their lead and tangibly apply this way of thinking to my own life and endeavors. A smaller client roster for 2016 and 2017, a continued focus on the Trouvaille brand and a few other shifts with my business have all been in the works and it’s been an exciting and fulfilling process.

Short term goal: Accept that life will change and so will my business as I become a mom.

Long term goal: To balance motherhood and entrepreneurship with grace and intentionality.

Feel free to leave your experiences below and to share them with the hashtag #theyearofcontent

Happy Weekend friends xoxo



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