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Happy end of the summer! Truthfully the end of summer is one of my favorite times of the year. It feels like things sort of start to slow down with my work schedule and the seasons begin to change which brings so any changes within my heart too (I’m a sucker for boots, cooler temps and cozy nights in). This fall Andrew and I are celebrating 5 years of marriage and nearly 10 years of dating and I couldn’t be more grateful for how much we have been through and celebrated in our time together as a couple. I also have three big trips planned to Italy, North Carolina and Paris all with #sweetbabybosse on board. While my heart is waiting in anticipation for these incredible travelling opportunities the sweetest thing on my agenda is preparing for my maternity leave before the holidays to be fully present for the arrival of our son. I still give all thanks to Him when I say that.

With the end of summer approaching and a bit of a slower schedule ahead (and more open weekends!) Andrew and I are so thrilled to get back to Sunday mornings at church. We admittedly haven’t been in quite a while and together have been craving that sacred time together each weekend with the Lord. I’ve also been invited to join a Mom’s Group at the church which I think will be a great way to get me involved with other women going through the same things as me and on a spiritual level too. So today’s post is all spiritual! Onto my debrief!

Week Twenty Nine, Thirty, Thirty One & Thirty Two

What has not been working: Our church offers Saturday night services during the school year and that was one of the things I loved about finding our church and becoming new members earlier this year. I cherish my Sunday morning sleep in’s so a Saturday night service worked out great for Andrew and I. When the school year ended and with it went Saturday night services however, I found Andrew and I skipped out on church a lot in lieu of both sleeping in and trying to be productive Sunday mornings around the house before a new week started. As a result, one week turned into two, and two weeks became over a month of not attending church. As much as a I try to listen to the recordings of our sermons online, there’s something about being present each week at church to really get the most of the experience and we’ve been missing that. Making excuses (and admittedly being committed to a busy travel work schedule which means I’m out of town most weekends) hasn’t been helping on the spiritual front both personally and as a couple over here in the Bosse household.

What has been working: I’ve been creating some pretty sacred and intentional boundaries with my personal and professional life to prepare for our baby in the new year and as a result I’ve been noticing quite a bit of margin coming up in my life (and this is pretty terrifying for a gal who is so used to go go go!) But the up side of this is I’ll have extra room to not only be the present and engaged mama I want to be but I’ll have time to focus on making my (and our) spirituality a priority. I think with anything in life, the more you do it and engage with people who are like minded to you, the more something becomes a habit and way of life. I look forward to bringing our son to church and learning more about motherhood from other women and men and this change of season from others who are truly connected on a spiritual level.

Short term goal: Go back to church! This weekend. I’m so excited. It’s the first time we will be attending with the opportunity to write out and say our prayers in relation to this blessing of a boy I am carrying.

Long term goal: To face my fears of being an introvert and join our church’s Mom’s Group.

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Happy Weekend friends xoxo