The Year of Content

The Year of Content Week 33August 30, 2015

Happy weekend, friends! If you’re just joining us in this series you can go here first and here second.


What a cozy Sunday today is! We have been hit with tons of gloomy autumn-esque weather over the last week and I’m really loving it despite everyone’s seemingly disappointed facebook posts and reactions to the end of summer! In actuality, I find it hard to blog in the summer months when the sun is out and it seems like a shame to be sitting inside on my laptop. But gloomy, rainy, cooler weather inspires me to curl up with a latte, a fall scented candle and my blog; my best moments writing here to you often come from mornings and nights spent curled up at coffee shops or on the couch with a big blanket pouring out content. Bring it on September!

As I mentioned last week in a letter to our son, I am officially half way through my pregnancy now. Goodness that feels so surreal! I was talking to my friend Nancy (who is a new mom herself to sweet little Milly!) and one of the things she told me her and her husband did before their baby’s birthday day was to create a Baby Bucket List. I love that idea so much! I feel like I’ve really accepted that hard as I try to fight against it, our lives will be quite different come January and I want to feel like Andrew and I are soaking up our time together, just the two of us before Baby Bosse gets here. I’d love to embrace Motherhood with no regrets over how I spent my time leading into his arrival. So today’s post is all about marriage and continuing to find joy between that sweet hubby and mine over the next four months before we come a family of three. Onto my debrief!

Week Thirty Three

What has not been working: If you haven’t read The 5 Languages of Love then stop what you’re doing right this moment. And go buy it now! It’s worth every penny! One of my love languages is quality time (the other is ‘acts of service’ tied with ‘gifts’); I love spending time (even if it’s just shoulder to shoulder time) with Andrew. His presence gives me peace and happiness even when we aren’t talking or actually doing anything together. However, full disclosure here but when we aren’t together I struggle a little bit. I love being alone when I travel and certainly love my own personal space but if there’s a chance for Andrew and I to be together and we’re not, I get a little uneasy and slightly lonely. It’s so crazy to type that out here because it sounds silly but I just really love being with him and having him close by! But this isn’t possible for many obvious reasons and the pressure I know he must feel to plan activities and his day around where we can always be together isn’t fair of me. I have to realize that this guy has his needs and wants (and a job!) and needs his own space too. I also haven’t been taking much of a quality over quantity approach to our time spent together meaning we would be better off striving for two solid dates nights a week together and a productive morning getting ready for our day together versus settling with five nights in a row of distracted time on the couch while we are both on our phones.

What has been working: We started attending Sunday services again at church (and Saturday services are returning in a couple weeks, hooray!) so we’ve had some more opportunities to have meaningful time together each week. I also have realized my desire for more time with Andrew is coming from a place of fearing our marriage will change when the babe arrives and after ten years of being together I want to fiercely protect what we have. So creating a Baby Bucket List will be a really great way to make sure we are remembering how important we are to each other as we prayerfully prepare to add mom and dad to our responsibilities! Andrew has also been playing a bigger role in the operations of HGE and even more so The Trouvaille Workshop over the past 8 months so that time together working on cultivating my two businesses has been so wonderful as we learn to work together in a different capacity. As always focusing on and praising the good and then working through whatever else may feel like it’s falling short or in need of improvement, is so critical.

Short term goal: Create a realistic and joyful Baby Bucket List in the next few weeks.

Long term goal: Gracefully accept however many things we check off our list by January. Progress not perfection!

Feel free to leave your experiences below and to share them with the hashtag #theyearofcontent

Happy Weekend friends xoxo



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