The Year of Content

The Year of Content Week 34, 35, 36, 37September 28, 2015

Happy Monday, friends! If you’re just joining us in this series you can go here first and here second.


And happy almost October too. We are home from Italy which means our 2015 wedding season is officially complete now! I have two more trips on the books for Making Things Happen at the end of October and a floral workshop I am teaching at Belle Arte in Paris, France this November but after that, it’s all office work and prep for our son’s arrival this winter. The weeks have been flying by in this pregnancy and I’m so grateful for all of the changes I’ve been experiencing as an expectant mama even if they are a little scary and unexpected!

I posted on twitter earlier today, how inspiring and refreshing the end of wedding season always feels for me. I often feel like coming home from my last event each fall feels like running through the finish line of a marathon. It’s so inspiring to look back on the things my team and I have done over the year while learning from our mistakes and growing from our accomplishments. This year was no different from past years in the sense that we grew a LOT and gave just as much of our hearts to our clients and the vendors we got to work with. I always look forward to down time in the winter to fine tune parts of the business that get lost in the shuffle of wedding season and with a baby on the way and a different sort of year ahead of me soon, I’m really loving the brainstorming and planning process for what this means for Hey Gorgeous. Onto my debrief!

Week Thirty Four, Thirty Five, Thirty Six & Thirty Seven

What has not been working: So. Hindsight is always 20/20 right? Now that I have much more time on my hands to devote to my office work and balancing free a little better post-wedding season, it’s easy to think I am doing everything right. Ha! But that’s not always the case so I’ll say this: I tend to hugely underestimate how much time I have. Not so much on a day to day basis but on a broader scale like from month to month and season to season. Example? I’ll mindlessly jam two destination events back to back in my schedule or arrange for a destination editorial project to happen a day before we start floral prep for a huge event. When I’m in a peaceful frame of mind at the time of scheduling things I tend to forget how important it is to be strategic with my time and how much I can handle as one person. It’s not until I finally catch up to these scheduling conflicts that I realize how little time I really do have to often complete (and complete WELL) the things I’ve scheduled and committed to. This leaves me feeling frazzled, stressed, burnt out and in a do-or-die frame of mind. Yuck! I’ve done this multiple times every year I’ve been in business and I swear I’ve never fully learned my lesson.

What has been working: Saying no. I think being pregnant has instilled this new sort of switch in me that make prioritizing things really easy. It’s very simple and clear all of a sudden. I know my limits and boundaries better than anyone and I’ve started to come to terms with how I work, the pace I work at, and what my threshold is for work, events, travel and more. My biggest lesson over the past six years of business is learning to stick to what works for ME versus trying to maintain a schedule and life that mimics what everyone else is doing. I don’t have to (and realistically cannot) do 10 full service events a year. I cannot and do not want to be in charge of more than 3 intentional editorial shoots a year. I do not need or can handle attending multiple workshops every year. This is a formula created for me BY me and that’s all that matters. I keep coming back to this post I wrote about Defining Your Own Version of Success and it’s been very crucial in my thinking process while I prepare to manage both Hey Gorgeous, The Trouvaille Workshop and more while I become a mama in the new year.

All good things come with change right?

Short term goal: Use this new season of time to serve my 2016 clients exceptionally well and plan Trouvaille 4.0.

Long term goal: Be realistic and honest with my limits pertaining to time, commitments, contracts and travel.

Feel free to leave your experiences below and to share them with the hashtag #theyearofcontent

Happy Weekend friends xoxo



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