Lachlan Rue + Everett Drew, Motherhood, The Bosse Family Lachlan Rue Bosse

I’d love to introduce you to our sweet new son, Lachlan Rue Bosse. Born at 12:40 am on Monday, January 18th of 2016. Weighing in at 8 pounds […]

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Lifestyle, Motherhood How I Use My Emily Ley Baby Book

Last year when we found out we were expecting, I let the cat outta the bag when I was just eight weeks pregnant during a phone call with […]

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Lachlan Rue + Everett Drew, Lifestyle, Motherhood, The Bosse Family Sweet Baby Bosse’s Nursery

A few weeks ago when I was 39 weeks pregnant, Andrew and I had an in home photo session with our incredibly talented friend Kelly Sweet. As we […]

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