Easter Basket Ideas for ToddlersMarch 31, 2017

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One of my favorite things about being a mama is the sense of excitement that comes hand in hand with holidays. While I’m fully aware of the commercialization around these events, I remain unapologetic about how much fun it’s been to both start new traditions and celebrate the holidays in different ways as a family. So when The Baby Cubby reached out earlier this year about a partnership together, I jumped at the chance to combine my love of celebrating holidays and passion for motherhood with their awesome and extensive inventory.

The result? These fun ideas for toddler Easter baskets photographed beautifully by my colleague, friend, and fellow mother, Sam. While we made sure to pick out products we felt our individual kids would love and be drawn to, we made intentional choices with products that will go the distance and get lots of use in both of our homes like the hedgehog backpack and books for E and sweatpants and WubbaNub pacifier for L.

And of course, no Easter basket is complete without a little chocolate so I added in those sweet Lindt chocolate chicks. Read more below on the products I picked and catch links to where you can get the same ones too.

I also need to add Lachlan and Emery’s baskets were both found at Target but you can find adorable basket options at any craft or grocery store this time of the year. I happened to be at Target the day they rolled out their 2017 Easter product so I scooped up a bright blue hued ‘L’ liner and white wicker basket before they were all gone. My hope is I will be able to use this very deep and wide basket for many Easters to come or at least until my dude thinks the Easter bunny is a silly/weird concept (which I hope doesn’t happen too soon!)

And a bit more on what is in Lachlan’s basket along with some reasoning behind my choices:

Lachlan will be 15 months the day after Easter so he’s currently in a curious-toddler phase where everything needs to be fully explored, touched, picked up, or pulled over. He’s also starting to pay attention to things in a more intentional way like actually listening when I read him stories, reacting to the things I say, and playing with his toys in new ways instead of just tossing things around aimlessly. This stage is very busy but very fun!

Beyond toys and books, we’re also in a transition with clothing where his onesies are becoming far too small for him and we’re having to try out ‘little boy’ clothes like jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and actual shoes (as opposed to our onesies, leggings and socks uniform which I’ll admit has been an easy outfit choice for this Midwest mama on the go). With all of that being said and keeping in mind I’m an advocate for useful items over more cute toys that just won’t get used, I picked the following items for his basket:

Little Unicorn Cotton Security Blankets

If you remember Lachlan’s first birthday party you’ll know these little security blankets are just perfect. While we don’t put blankets or pillows in his crib, I do love how light weight these blankets are and feel like they will be easy to throw in my bag when we go on our next few family trips, which we have many coming up.

WubbaNub Pacifier Lovey Little Lamb

Last summer when Lachlan was around 6 months old he became a thumb sucker and refused to take a pacifier. So we tossed all his pacifiers and hoped he’d eventually kick the thumb sucking habit before it became ‘a thing’. One day while I was picking him up from school, his teachers mentioned him not using the WubbaNub I had brought in with his personal belongings and told me I could take it home with me if I wanted. I threw it in the back seat and thought nothing of it for a few weeks. Until I went to grab him out of the back when we got home one day and he had the silly thing in his mouth! Ever since that day he’s been attached to his WubbaNub (and forgot about his thumb!) and goes everywhere with it. We have one at school, one at home, and this new lamb one as a backup, and while it’s not a habit I hope he has forever, it’s a sweet favorite of his for now.

Lulu and Roo Dark Grey Striped Sweatpants

The sweetest sweatpants ever. We’re big ‘soft clothes’ advocates over here and these fit the bill!

Lucy Darling All Aboard New York: A City Primer

Growing up I always imagined myself living in New York City. While I’ve only been to the Big Apple a handful of times, I always thoroughly enjoy my time in the city and feel so invigorated by the hustle and bustle. I hope Lachlan will inherit my love for travel, adventure, and big cities, and feel like this book will be a fun one to add to our night time favorites. Bonus: The Lucy Darling brand has other destination books like Paris and California.

Piper Finn Toddler Shoes Nautical Stripes

I love the gender neutral stripes and the laces in lieu of velcro or pull ons.

Tubby Todd Dream Cream, Shea Butter and Mint

I’ve never been one to use lotion and always hesitate using any on Lachlan because I would hate for him to feel greasy or sticky afterwards (like I always do when I lotion up) but with the colder temperatures in Michigan I sure notice a difference in the way our skin feels and looks without hydration. While I haven’t used this lotion yet, the incredible reviews compelled me to purchase it and so far I love the scent combo of the shea butter and mint. I’ll be sure to report back once I use this because I’d love to help others find a lotion they love.

As for E’s basket, you can check more on the goodies in her basket via Sam’s blog post!

I’m so grateful for The Baby Cubby team for allowing Sam and I to be a part of this sponsored partnership. While everything shown with the exception of the baskets was provided by The Baby Cubby, the product choices we made, and words expressed here are that of our own. Beyond toddler items, The Baby Cubby also carries maternity, newborn, baby, and children’s items making it a one stop shop for mamas everywhere.

Tell me, if your family celebrates Easter with baskets what sorts of items do you fill yours with?



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