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What You Love MattersFebruary 6, 2018

In pursuit of a beautiful and refined 2018, I’ve been learning a lot about myself and truths about this one precious life as a whole. I’m sure that sounds pretty philosophical and fluffy but it’s been a resounding theme as we get deep into February. One of the reasons I picked ‘disciplined’ as my word for the year is that the kind of life I want (and probably the one you want too) takes sacrifice, hard work, and discipline to achieve. And I don’t mean that living your best life is constant hard work and misery like, say, going to the gym (another story, another day), but it’s that the good stuff takes joyful work. There’s your first truth!

Last year in the middle of a ton of health changes, I found myself willingly jumping headfirst into a new hobby: soap making! Before you laugh let me tell you it turns out the process is really therapeutic, a tiny bit challenging, and even better, results in a tangible and enticing end product. My kind of hobby! I also want to note soap making isn’t one of of those endeavors you can just dip your toes into but is a process that requires a lot of ingredients, tools, and time just to get started. While the risk to start up a hobby like soap making was on the higher side (e.g. lye in your home can be #danger) I’m happy to report that my investment has had a sweet pay off.

Yet, I still struggle with the fact that I have this side hobby I love and can do whenever I want because who am I to have things I like to do just for fun, right? Being a business owner for most of my adult life, I’ve groomed myself to believe that if something is pleasurable and we’re good at it, we should capitalize on it. So often our hobbies become our businesses, our passions become our livelihood, our interests become our work. And so we spin round and round until the very things we love become a chore and we forget what sets us on fire.

So I wanted to let you know that what you love matters.

Whether you enjoy a side businesses selling glittered Etsy crafts for some extra fun money, taking photographs of adorable dogs at the park for pure pleasure, get a kick out of comedy shows in hole in a wall places with happy hour comfort food, or count down the days until you can get outside to prune your vegetable garden, those things matter because they add pure and simple joy to your one precious life.

I haven’t made any soap bars in a while but am hoping that can be a goal on my March Powersheets. Did you know cold process soap takes 4 to 6 weeks to cure, meaning the soap isn’t really ready to use until after it’s sat for that long? This waiting process firms up the soap and allows it to last longer. This means soap made in March can’t be used, gifted, or even sold until the end of April or even May! If you want to learn more about melt and pour soap which is less risky and expensive as cold process soap you can reference this post from last summer.

And pictured above: Poppyseed & Eucalyptus bars, and Lavender & Purple Clay bars. Wish you could smell them because they really are lovely and wonderful soap bars you can actually love and use! I’ve been using a lavender bar each night before bed and it’s delightful.



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