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November 2019 GoalsNovember 14, 2019

It only took me until the 11th month of the year but I feel like I’m hitting a groove now where the facets of my life feel like they’re consistent and in alignment. I think the holiday season and uncharacteristically colder and snowier than usual November is helping create a more joyous atmosphere in our home and lives (I, like many, adore all of the things about Christmas) but I will take it! I’m not one to turn away from a celebration!

While the month is nearly halfway through, November sometimes feels like January in the sense that it seemingly lasts for.ev.er. So I’m currently doing my best to soak up all of the days and moments within them, while infusing our schedule with as much holiday spirit and slowness as possible. And of course my wish is to end the year on a high note. Here’s a look below at how October went and how I’m intending to guide the rest of my November.

October Goals

Celebrate Ev’s first birthday! (done and WHAT fun!)
Kick off our first book club meeting (done!)
Have a blast at Sea Island with Betsi (what a trip!)
Make solid progress on the new website (done!)
Connect with Apb in our new small group (done!)
Enjoy getting our family photos taken finally! (done!)
• Finish all the soaps for January’s store launch (semi-done)
Finalize S&P’s save the dates for November (done!)

October Weekly Goals

Enjoy Tuesday and Friday adventures with the boys (done)
• Start a reliable date night schedule with Andrew (we are the WORST)
Continue counselling sessions with Erin and Melanie (done)
Start the book for our November book club meeting (done!)
• Finish my Made For This devotional and assigned reading (progress!)

And now my November monthly goals and tasks! Here we go:

• Work in my studio at my desk Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
• Finish Daring Greatly in time for our second book club gathering
• Have two successful (and enjoyable!) craft shows for RB Soap Co.
• Enjoy and rock out our rebrand floral and team shoot on the 7th
• Order our holiday cards and set aside time to assemble with joy
• Sell or donate any holiday decor we don’t love, need or use
• Joyfully celebrate Thanksgiving (and make delicious cupcakes!)
• Host our first ever Bosse Baughn family cookie party bonanza!

And in lieu of weekly goals I instead set a couple daily goals which are:

• Praying over my boys, all three of them, before bed
• Waking up early to have a focused start to my day
• Getting to bed at 10:00 pm and reading before I sleep

And that’s that! As always, feel free to link out to your monthly goals below! Xo



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