Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cherries and Chocolate
Quick. Go get some cherries. And make these cookies right away. In about 30 minutes you’ll have delicious, perfectly sweet cherry chocolate chip cookies that even the most timid of bakers can whip up with ease. If your household is anything like the one I live in, you’ll notice they don’t last very long either; they’re that good. Oh and did I mentioned I’m not really a fruit-lover?
I got the recipe out of the summer issue of the ever-so-fabulous Canadian Family Magazine where I am just wrapping up my summer internship (I just adore it there, it’s going to hard to say goodbye!) There’s a great section in the issue on cherries and all the tasty things you can do with them, so run out and pick up your copy of the magazine (who knows, maybe the news stand is next to the fruit one :)
Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies
I used about half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips but I bet chopped up baking squares would be equally as tasty and combined with the dried cherries, would make the cookies quite hearty and thick. I found the dried cherries in the bulk foods section at the grocery store and ended up using about 3/4 of a cup instead of a full cup. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup of brown sugar so I used a quarter of golden brown sugar and a quarter of dark brown sugar.
Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies
I baked 12 cookies at a time for 11 minutes and they were cooked perfectly. Slightly brown on the tops and delightfully moist on the inside. The batter made enough for 27 regular sized cookies and I rolled each clump of dough into a smooth ball before placing on the baking sheet. I think this helped keep the cookies plump and thick. Or maybe I’m just that good at making cookies? Who knows. All I know is they were tasty and loved by all.
Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies
from Canadian Family Magazine
1/2 cup butter, room temp
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 egg, room temp
1 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
splash of vanilla
half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 – 1 cup dried unsweetened cherries
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F and line a metal baking sheet with parchment paper. In a medium bowl, cream together the butter, sugar and brown sugar until fluffy. Beat in your egg and vanilla, scraping down the sides to combine well. In another bowl, mix together your flour and baking soda; add it to the butter mixture and combine by hand until the dough is thick and incorporated. Fold in the chocolate chips and cherries; be careful not to over mix.
You can drop by rounded spoonfuls onto the parchment paper, or use your hands to roll small smooth balls of dough before placing on your baking sheet. Bake 12 at a time for 10-12 minutes of until the very tops of your cookies start to turn light brown. Remove from oven and let cool for 10 minute before placing the cookies on a cooling rack. Eat them up fast before anyone else comes to see what that delicious smell in your kitchen is. No need to store these in an air tight container. All 27 cookies will be gone in a few hours though. Enjoy :)

Don’t Compare It’s the Road to Madness – Part I


For close to an hour now, I’ve sat here typing and then erasing all that I have typed. I feel like although this is my blog I have to tread lightly on topics where many people have different opinions. Yet, as much as I love to showcase other people’s work, big days, photography and so forth here, I do enjoy maintaining the personal aspect of my site which allows me to freely express my feelings.
Yesterday I was reading through a handful of blogs when click upon click I ended up at a blog I’ve read a few times. This said blogger (who I will not name) talks openly about planning a wedding on a budget and the steps she took to do so for her own nupitals a few years ago. And when I say budget I don’t mean a $15,000 – $20,000 budget. I mean her budget was less than a quarter of that price; just so we’re on the same page here.

First of all, let me say I am all for saving money on something whether it be using a coupon for 15% off at Michaels or skipping the subway to walk to the train in order to save $3.00. I can be realistic when it comes to separating my needs from wants even though I like most people can be frustrated when it seems like there’s never enough money for the things we feel we’re entitled to. I know I like nice things, I really know I like pretty things and I know and can admit, that from time to time I may have wants that truly exceed my needs and my financial capacities. I’m getting better at it. The more I grow the more I learn how important this is.
Photo by Meg Perotti
However, I became very discouraged and a bit sad when I read what said blogger had to say. From “Do you really need a manicure to make your wedding day perfect? Isn’t your wedding about the love you and your husband have for one another and not how much your nails cost?” to “I wasn’t about to spend my hard earned money on photographer when a friend could just take photos himself,” I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed sitting in front of my computer screen. As if said blogger was staring at my manicured nails wagging her finger in my face all while tsk tsk-ing under her breath (if only she knew I have a terrible bite-my-nails-until-the-whole-nail-falls-off-habit and fake nails are the only way I can kick the habit. Gross, I know). Said blogger’s rants went on and I became so engulfed in her words and other reader’s similar comments that I logged on my computer feeling a tad confused. And greedy. Very greedy.
Last night I thought long and hard about our wedding. And about the things we have planned, the things I really want and the things that we don’t need, can’t afford or really don’t represent us as a couple (like pouring sand during the ceremony, throwing a bouquet or renting a limo). And I remember what my editor at work and I chatted about the other day: Don’t Compare. It’s the Road to Madness. And it’s refreshing for me to finally step back and see, that I’ve been living a lot of my life (not just in the wedding realm) on a basis of comparison. And

Did I spend way too much money on my wedding gown? I think so. Will I ever wear it again? Probably not. Will I feel beautiful, special and perfect on my wedding day? Absolutely. Is it a necessity that we have pale pink roses, belles of Ireland and white hydrangea centerpieces so perfectly placed in lace-wrapped vases atop beige, damask linens? I may have to say no. But does it make me happy that we made room in our budget for these centerpieces and that they will in fact be sitting proudly on our guest’s tables come September 24th? More than you could know. And I could go on and on and on…

What I am trying to say is your wedding, whether it’s coming up, is in the really distant future or has gone, is just that: your wedding. It’s no one elses. If someone else wants to blog about how upset they are that someone else had a better photographer or that only the high maintenance-kind-of-brides have candy bars and stretch limousine chariots than so be it. If someone else wants to flaunt the fact they just ordered 5,000 imported pink peonies to have draped around the arch they should be wed under, then that’s fabulous too. Be kind and be happy for them (after you secretly wish you had that many lovely peonies too of course :) But remember, Don’t Compare. You’re not them. They’re not you. And your big day is only yours. Enjoy it for what it is.
Photo by Meg Perotti

I wanted anemones and peonies for our big day. But at $25 a stem, it didn’t make sense. I would love to be able to afford cute custom gift bags for all of our guests, but realistically we may have to find a more affordable option. I put up a huge fit with Apb (sorry babe) about ordering Chiavari chairs instead of banquet chairs but at $10.00 a chair it just wasn’t a possibility. And it would be divine to have a professional make up artist come airbrush my face to perfection on the 24th but I can confidently do my own make up and look like I do any other day; which is in fact the person Apb fell in love with. Instead we invested our money in a wicked photog, trusted my creative instinct and vision when it came to the small details and kept our guest list small in order to throw a really intimate-biggest-party-of-our-lives. And I know in my heart, it’s going to the best day ever.
Whether or not I have all the things I want, love and/or need, the most fantastic part of Andrew and I’s wedding is that our love, respect and kindness for one another will always be the same. I could have gold leaf manicured onto my nails and I still think it would be next to impossible to forget the reason why I am saying I Do. A price tag doesn’t define our love, relationship or future, but we’re blessed to be able to throw a beautiful event for our friends and family.

Enjoy all the gorgeous photos by Meg Perotti. Hope it makes your Friday oh-so-sweet and kicks off a sunshiny-weekend, my loves. See you all soon! xo

Photo by Meg Perotti
Photo by Meg Perotti
To everyone who has commented on this post, I thank you for taking the time to write such sweet and encouraging words. I read each and every comment and truly appreciate your thoughts and words of wisdom. This post surely doesn’t apply to only weddings but stretches far beyond a one day event like a wedding to the highs and lows everyday life. I hope to add to this series in hopes of inspiring others while generating enlighting comments from all of you :) Thank you again! xo

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