Intuition. Gut. That feeling.


If you’ve read Dave Ramsey’s Entreleader (highly recommended for anyone running their own business especially those who are looking to hire team members), you’ll know he talks about his wife getting a ‘feeeeeling’ when she felt a new potential hire wasn’t the right fit. I laughed a little when I read this part of the book because I know that, ‘feeeeeling’ all too well myself. I’m not sure if it’s a woman thing or just a characteristic I was born with but either way it’s a really good thing. My intuition and my gut instincts have for a long time now, allowed me to make calculated decisions and choices that for the most part have been beneficial in my business and life. Let me explain a bit more in depth.

One time I received an inquiry from someone who wanted to see my pricing. The first thing in her email was to do with cost. Right away when I read this first sentence of said email, I knew something felt off. Normally, the emails I get from brides are excited in tone, involve a fiance’s name, a date if already set, a place if applicable, and a few end sentences like, ‘We can’t wait to hear from you!’ or ‘We love your work!’. Now disclaimer; I get it. Not everyone is the kind of person to send sweet over the top and lengthy inquiries (as a lover of X’s and O’s this took me a while to get used to), and I know some brides work office jobs, have stressful positions or just overly busy schedules where a quick and dry message really is just their way of gathering information (pricing, availability, details) quickly and efficiently. I get it.

But I sent this potential client a very excited and kind email back, the same way I do with every potential client, and included my pricing. I told the client I would love to schedule a phone call at her convenience to discuss more about her wedding and what I could do for her and her fiance. Instead of a response back with potential dates to call, I received back an email with a request to send over my contract. It was important to the client to ‘make sure’ the contract was ‘a good fit’. After politely letting the client know that it’s against my policy to send contracts before a phone call or before a client is ready to review and sign the actual contract, I knew I wouldn’t ever hear back from her. And I didn’t.

This client could have been anyone trying to do a number of things and I’ll never know if she was actually a bride really trying to get to the bottom of how a vendor operates but the bottom line is this: I had a gut instinct right from the get go this person was not my ideal client. I wouldn’t have been able to meet her needs in multiple different capacities and we obviously operate in very different ways (assuming she was a real client looking for a planner). And this isn’t a bad thing! When you can be honest with yourself and the client about not being the right fit for the job I believe it shows your professionalism and allows the client to respect you and your decisions. Scenarios like the above happen quite often in every day life and sometimes acting on your ‘feeeeelings’ is a good thing (i.e., for me in the above scenario, refusing to send my contract was a good move because I could have been giving this valuable information to someone who may have wanted to compare my contracts with theirs or make a big decision like working with me as a planner based solely on my contracts; which to me made sense in both scenarios after never getting a response back).

I tell my consulting clients (love those gals) all the time, when you get a feeling about something it’s best to often act on it. Not just think about it and understand that, ‘Yup this feels wrong’ or ‘Yup this feels right’ but to actually avoid/say no/go for something because on impulse you know what’s best. My favorite example not involving myself, involved a consulting client who wanted to start a wedding planning business. Actually scratch that; she wanted to relaunch her wedding planning business which used to exist a few years back. She had simply walked away from her business then because she associated the less than impressive market response with total business failure.

While we chatted a bit and I got to know her story a bit better, I was shocked to find out that she actually executed more than 10 events when she was previously operating (she has an awesome portfolio/the ability to get these photos for her new site), she therefore had the experience and know how to run her business/operate her craft and she had the time to pick back up where she left off since at the time of our call she was working a part time job so she could stay home with her child. This client and our session together illustrates a situation where specific tools to launch/grow a person were not given but instead, I helped to give someone that little nudge towards following THEIR own gut feelings. This client just needed to hear it from someone else that, ‘YES this is a good move!’ For the record, this sweet client recently emailed me to let me know of all the great changes in her business and life as a result of our call and her being able to feel comfortable with listening to her own gut and ultimately, her heart. How cool right?

I could talk about this for hours and give you at least five other situations where my instinct pulled through like mentioned above. But I want hear from you! Have there been any times in your life professionally or personally where your instinct’s acted in your favor or maybe a time where you’ve listened to your instinct and it wasn’t the right thing to do? Let’s get an awesome conversation going again like we did on this post last week!

Have a happy Tuesday, friends! And big shout out to Bradley James Photography for the gorgeous photo above xoxo