Lo Boheme

Bloggers, meet Lo Boheme
…a one of a kind custom accessories shop that sells pieces for weddings, special occasions and everyday wear. Run by husband and wife team, Lauren (Lo) and Josh Christensen in San Diego, California, Lo Boheme’s designs are inspired by details of era’s past. “Whether it be French Bohemianism of the late 1800’s, the detailed lines of the Art Nouveau movement, or the glamor of Old Hollywood,” the pieces created by Lo and Josh are simply put: gorgeous, unique and absolutely incredible. I’m totally. in. love.
Today I contacted Lo (who by the way is such a total sweetheart!) through Etsy to see if I could feature her work here on Hey Gorgeous. Within 20 minutes I heard back from her. My heart jumped with joy to see her message in my inbox and nearly exploded with happiness when I got the go ahead to post these photos. Beware; the pieces are so stunning you too will be heading over to their shop to pick out your fave. Thanks Lo!
Purple Flower

Beaded Band
Flower Belt
The third photo up from the bottom?
My birthday is May 19th if anyone feels compelled to send it my way :)

The One

Trista Lerit Photography

Trista Lerit Photography

Remember that time I found my dream wedding gown and it was too much money to possibly spend on something I’d wear for only one day in my whole life? So I took my Dad down to Promises and Lace during the last hour of a sale to try it on for him so he could see how much I loved it. I wanted him to see how happy it made me because really, it was impossible not to smile when I stepped into this dress. My heart raced just gathering all of that fabric up off the ground to step out of the change room.
And remember that time he ended up purchasing it for me, with of course the one condition I pay him back for half of it? I remember that time perfectly. Almost as perfectly as the time I thought that maybe I had jumped to conclusions too soon. That I was buying the wrong dress and would instead fall in love with another. I tried to think of all the reasons why the dress wasn’t right. I contemplated begging the bridal store to let me pick out something different. Some more traditional. Something less me, and more every.body.else.
Then I came across Trista Lerit’s photography blog. And something caught my eye. At first it was the black and slate gray tulle flower and beading that stuck out. Then it was the dreamy soft lace and scalloped neckline that made my heart skip a beat or two. Then I found the wedding. And the blog post with all the details. And this bride who like me, fell in love with something a little more unique and different when it came to finding the dress of her dreams. And for that I thank the heavens because I am now 100% confident I picked the perfect gown for me. And I know that I love it almost as much as the guy I am about to marry. Have a splendid Sunday afternoon friends!

Trista Lerit Photography
Trista Lerit Photography
Trista Lerit Photography

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